Declaration on Marine Reserves by Belgium, Belize, Nauru, Portugal (Government)

The Governments of Belgium, Belize and Nauru signed in June, 2017, a joint Declaration on Marine Reserves.

SDG14.5 calls for 10% of marine protected areas. However, this target is not only about quantity, but also about quality!
Existing efforts to enhance marine conservation and improve management are important, but best available science indicates the marine environment continues to degrade – much more is needed. Marine Reserves are essential to rebuild life in the sea, restore its proper function, and give it the ability to cope with a changing world.

The reasons for the creation of the Marine Protected Areas:
– Reserves sustain and promote ecological processes that support mitigation of climate change and adaptation to its effects
– Reserves provide stepping stones, corridors and safe havens as species adjust to climate change
– As conditions change, reserves support more secure delivery of ecosystem processes and services that people depend on, such as good water quality, productive fisheries and coastal defense

The co-signed the “Declaration in support for marine reserves to ensure meaningful implementation of SDG 14.5” makes the establishment of marine reserves possible; ambitiously increases coverage of marine protected areas and takes a valuable additional step towards reaching SDG14.5.

See rationale: 

Please see the text of the Declaration via the link below.

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