ccBusterSUPThese collections of links and/or ideas of all good things in the ocean are my attempt to focus on what is right – instead of what is wrong. We all know that the oceans are in trouble – we all know that the challenges at times seem insurmountable. But one idea followed by another – one step followed by another – our creative intelligence at work – can possible put the breaks on degradation and change the face of ocean health.

My name is Catharine Cooper and I am an avid water person.  My father always said I swam before I walked, and it seems so.  I surf, paddle board, swim and occasionally sail.  The sea and its shoreline are my passion.

If you have ideas, links, projects that are working to right the course of sea change, please send me an email with the information:  catharinecooper@me.com

Thank you in advance.