This section is focused on laws that protect our oceans, both current and past, and will slowly be expanded to include the bulk of those in force today.  Laws such as: The Law of the Sea, The Shore Protection Act, The Ocean Dumping Act of 1972, and the Marine Protection Acts.

Fishing Treaties in the Arctic

Arctic Fishery Management You are here: Home » Arctic Fishery Management In 2009, the Council approved, and NMFS implemented, a new Fishery Management Plan for Fish Resources of the Arctic Management Area (Arctic FMP). The Council’s action recognizes the different and changing ecological conditions of the Arctic, including warming trends in ocean temperatures, the loss of seasonal ice cover,… Continue reading Fishing Treaties in the Arctic

Proposals to Phase Out Bottom Trawlers

Press Release Tuesday, November 29, 2016 Location: Santiago, Chile With an animated video, marine conservation organization, Oceana, launched a proposal to phase-out bottom trawling, an initiative that was considered in President Bachelet’s Government Plan for 2014-2018. The proposal was prepared based on a study conducted by Oceana in the Coquimbo region and data from the Fisheries Promotion… Continue reading Proposals to Phase Out Bottom Trawlers

Chile – Regulatory System

The large industrial fishery development that turn Chile into the third fishing nation in the world is described, and recent regulatory innovations introduced by new Fishery and Aquaculture legislation are reviewed. In addition to classical Fishery management tools, different types of limited entry systems are now defined in the law and applicable to Chilean fisherie.… Continue reading Chile – Regulatory System

Shark Fin Bans

THE CASE FOR SHARK FIN TRADE BANS May 15, 2017 This article originally appeared on Southern Fried Science.  By: Mariah Pfleger, Oceana The demand for shark fins is widely recognized as one of the major contributors to shark mortality around the world. However, solutions to decrease this demand are hotly debated, especially in the scientific community. Southern… Continue reading Shark Fin Bans